Name and Scope


Geographic territory and language




Membership fee


Economical aspects

-      membership fees, which may be required: at the time of admission, for the annual renewal of membership; extraordinary contribution for particular activities. All ordinary and extraordinary fees shall be neither revaluated nor returned;

-      income from legacies and donations;

-      grants resulting from the earmarking of funds approved by the State, Regions, local authorities and other public or private bodies;

-      other income, resulting from occasional or permanent commercial activities which complement and support the institutional activity.

-      chattels and real properties owned by the Association;

-      different legacies and donations;

-      any reserve fund.

-      10% to the possible reserve fund;

-      the remainder available for cultural initiatives in line with the aims of the Association.


Bodies the Association


General Meeting of Members

-      to elect the President;

-      to elect the other members of the Board;

-      to approve the budget estimate and the final account;

-      to approve the rules of procedure;

-      to decide on amendments to the Charter;

-      to decide the eventual dissolution of the Association.


The Board




Dissolution of the Association


Referral to law

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