• Sustainability

  • Environmental comfort

  • Lighting

  • Acoustics

  • Heat and mass transfer

  • Energy performance

Articles on international journals

Authors Title Journal Topic Link
Corrado V., Fabrizio E. Assessment of building cooling energy need through a quasi-steady state method: simplified correlation for gain – loss mismatch Energy and Buildings 39 (2007) 569–579 Energy performance click
Evola G., Margani G., Marletta L. 
Energy and cost evaluation of thermal bridge correction in Mediterranean climate
Energy and Buildings  43 (2011) 2385  2393 Energy performance click
Tronchin L.,
Fabbri K. 
A Round Robin Test for buildings enegy performance in Italy
Energy and Buildings  42 (2010) 1862  1877 Energy performance click here
Marinosci C., Strachan P.A., Semprini G., Morini G.L.
Empirical validation and modelling of a naturally ventilated rainscreen façade building
Energy and Buildings 43 (2011) 853-863 Heat and mass transfer click